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Archive for November 8th, 2015

Boat Blog: The Odyssey 2015 – Days 32, 33 and 34

Posted by indigodream on 8 November, 2015

Rewind to September – Saturday 5th to Monday 7th

Enjoying Liverpool…

Albert Dock by night - what a lovely spot...

Albert Dock by night – what a lovely spot…

The tide times meant that we had three days to enjoy Liverpool – it’s very rare for us to moor up for that long and we really enjoyed it. Salthouse Docks is a wonderful place to just sit and watch the sun on the water – you can sense the busyness of the city all around, but the Docks are very peaceful – so unlike their heyday when Liverpool was one of the biggest ports in the world. More narrowboats moved in over the weekend and we had a sociable time just passing the time of day with our neighbours. The hundreds of jellyfish were a fascination, and it wasn’t unusual to see me, and other boaters, kneeling on the pontoons, watching their beautiful drifting.

We got into the habit of  going out for brunch every day at Cafe Rouge – the hounds had a magnificent welcome there and one waitress was completely besotted. The weather was fine enough to sit outside and we got used to the susuration as people expressed their amazement and admiration of the new fab four enjoying Liverpool One’s cafe culture.

City life is very stimulating for the hounds, so  in the afternoons, they were happy to stay on board for a nap while we explored a few museums and had a wander around Liverpool’s vibrant city centre. As well as a full range of shops and restaurants, the city was alive with music – from classical pianists to charity karaoke. We admired the city’s drive and thoroughly enjoyed our time here.

The Docks by night - quite magical...

The Docks by night – quite magical…

Our pilot called in again with his lady, Sue, who hadn’t been inside a narrowboat before. We gave her the tour and she was suitably appreciative; we sat on deck with our coffees and Archie schmoozed all and sundry. On the Monday we had a delightful gathering as Doug and James, old friends from nb Chance, came up to Liverpool; we joined their friends Ian and Cheryl on nb WineDown, whom we’d met on the way to Liverpool. We had a merry gathering on nb WineDown’s deck and a plan was hatched. We’d been a little sad that we wouldn’t have any company for our crossing of the Mersey on Tuesday – then Doug and James became available (hence their trip to Liverpool), then Ian and Cheryl said they’d like to come too which was great (Doug invited them and then asked us!) – despite the brutally early start on Tuesday morning! With our crew set for Tuesday, we spent Monday afternoon and evening getting the boat ready for the Mersey crossing.

The only blip in an otherwise perfect weekend was the news that the Ford garage in Wigan had not fixed my car, in fact, they hadn’t even looked at it. They said they might get a chance to look at it later on today, so I left it with them rather than spending my last day in Liverpool doing a car shuffle. This proved to be a huge mistake, but I wasn’t to know what lay ahead…






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