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Dog Blog: Henry Beanz Holidaze (9)

Posted by indigodream on 10 November, 2015

Deer me Pals
Tyne? Mersey? s'all the same in fis...

Tyne? Mersey? s’all the same in fis…

We likes to leeve citees on a high, so we’z actooally left Liverpool before all the gurls cud kiss us – we wills be back gurls – tarraa for now…

“deeee di di di di di di hmm hmm grrr……”
“What’s that Henry Beanz”?
“Iz out new song, mummy Sue”
“Really, can I hear it?”
“Iz a cuver version, coz we finks the ‘riginal is kwite gud….”
All teh deck's a stage - Archie Beanz showin' off agen...

All the deck’s a stage – Archie Beanz showin’ off agen…

coff coff, Iz just cleerin’ me froat….

“The fog on the Tyne is all mine, all mine……”
“Ahem,  Henry Beanz….”
“Your new song is lovely, of course, and you’re right, it IS very foggy and there is no-one else on the river so I guess it’s all ours, or yours, but we’re on the River Mersey….”
“Are you sayin’ me lyrics is rong, Mummy Sue”
“Not wrong as such, just geographically misplaced”
“Reely, Mummy Sue? So tells me, how duz you kno we’z on the Mersey?”
“What? We’ve just left Liverpool, which is on the Mersey, and we have a Mersey pilot on board – QED”
Bein' in a badn is zorstin - youz gotta use your down-time for snoozin....

Bein’ in a band is zorstin – youz gotta use your down-time for snoozin. beside, we’z wearin’ stoopid orinj coats, but we looks best in black!

“Phooey, circumstantial hevidence, we is croozin in pee soup, you duzn’t kno, like for reel, duz you? Anyhoo, iz abowt artistic veracitee not geographical, so there”

“ok, ok, the fog on the Tyne it is, but it’s not a song by THE fab four…”
“oh Mumi Sue, you is so funi, the fab four is so “yesterday”, geddit!”
“Sigh, you win, what about about the rest of the song?”
“Sittin’ in a swanky caf, wif sosijes an coffee, we’z cumfy on our sheepies, on ower sheepies lyin’ down, think we’ll have a snooze”
“Perfect Henry Beanz, that’s definitely your life in Liverpool, not Newcastle”
“Stop interruptin’ mummy Sue, there’s more…”
“We can swing together, we can have a wee wee, we can have a wet on the wall…”
“Steady on Henry Beanz, you can’t sing about wee-ing, it’s not nice, even though you and the band are experts…”
“Ha ha, gotcha! Them words woz sung by ‘riginal band,  they woz talking about hoomans weeing, they iz our heroes…”
Plus also we had to get up at 5ay em, wot is the middel of the night - disrgrayce!

Plus also we had to get up at 5ay em, wot is the middel of the night – disrgrayce!

2 Responses to “Dog Blog: Henry Beanz Holidaze (9)”

  1. Love it,heartwarming humour at the end of a sad day. Thank you x

  2. Greygal said

    How has such a talent lain undiscovered for so long?

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