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Dog Blog: Henry Beanz Holidaze (10)….

Posted by indigodream on 15 November, 2015

Deer me pals…

Born to look gorgeous.....

Born to look gorgeous…..

“huff puff huff pant pant huff puff”……

“Is that your new song Henry Beanz?”

“No, mumi Sue, huff puff, we’ bin doin’ zoomies, cantz sing, huff puff, straight after zoomies, huff puff….”

“Aaw that’s a shame, how about an instrumental then, I like that bit of music about the olympic runners, you know, bam baaaaam, dee dee dee dee deeee di….”

Born to snooze and cruise - on sheepies...

Born to snooze and cruise – on sheepies…

“No, mumi Sue, a instrumental wud be a waste of ower vocal talents an’ besides, wot wud we do wif our our lead singer, Archie, he has to be at the frunt. Instrumental? You iz so funi mumi! We’z will do propa zoomie song, huff puff”

“But you can’t do a zoomie song, you’re not fit enough to zoom and sing”

“Rood! But mumi Sue, you is kwite rite, you can’t sing an’ do zoomies at the same time, wot is himportant it to know wot it iz to do zoomies in orda to sing a gud zoomie song. Iz sad, but you will neva sing a zoomie song coz you haz neva done zoomies…”

“Now who’s being rood, I mean, rude! But fair enough, Henry Beanz, when you’ve got your breath back we’ll hear you zoomie song”

“Spot on mumi, huff puff, I’z just off for snoozies…..”


Born to rummage...

Born to rummage…


“wake up mumi Sue – ower new song is reddi….”

“Brilliant! Let’s hear it then…”

“O’ course, becoz we’z missin Ollie on bass an’ percushon, itz more of a rock solo wif a skeliton backin’….”

Coff Coff, Iz just clearin’ me froat….

“In the day we snoozes on ower sofas on da Indigo Dreem

At night, we snoozes on our sheepies down the pub

Born to do 'lympic lookin'

Born to do ‘lympic lookin’

We eets hot chikkin’ an’ sosijes an looks reel meen

At chihuahas and collies and a pug….

Ower bote iz cumfy an’ iz made of steel,

Iz well heavy an’ it goes so slo…

We’s luvin’ ower snoozes, sosijes, sofas an’ sheepies

But houndz like us,

mumi, we woz born to ruuuuuuun….

“Genius, Henry Beanz, you were born to run, quite literally, is that what you’d like to be doing now?”

Born to run - yay!

Born to run – yay!

“Don’t be silly mumi Sue, we’z also born to rummij, eat sosijes, snooze, do lookin’ off the bote, an, wotz that Herbie? Oh, an rip skweeky toys to shreds, ok. We’z talinted multi-taskers….”

“So you song really should be “We woz born to run and rummage, eat big dinners, cruise on a narrowboat, play with toys, and snooze on sheepies….”

“hmmm, it’s got potential, maybe you cuds have a teeny credit for lyrics on ower “dogs on tour” album…”


Wot is picshures that we cud pawtograph for ower fans….


Archie Beanz....

Archie Beanz….


Youz own corrispondent...

Youz own corrispondent…


Owers luverly bottoms in a luverly landscape...

Owers luverly bottoms in a luverly landscape…


Is the new fab four, 'cept we'z free coz Ollie's in hospital...

Is the new fab four, ‘cept we’z free coz Ollie’s in hospital…


A nice pichewer of us an the bote but rood, we woz photobombed by tht lift fing!

A nice pichewer of us an the bote but rood, we woz photobombed by that lift fing!

2 Responses to “Dog Blog: Henry Beanz Holidaze (10)….”

  1. Greygal said

    The Beanz and the Weaver – could there be a better boating combination?

  2. indigodream said

    Not in my book – it’s a natural combo, like trees and wee-mails! That mooring in Anderton is Beanz-perfect too 🙂

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