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Dog Blog: Me own calinder…

Posted by indigodream on 5 December, 2015

Deer me Pals

Mumi Sue sez me calinder is almost reddi – she dun showin me the “proofs”…..

Iz veri sad coz Mr “Im so vain, Iz a sooper model” Archie Beanz, haz got soopermodel type pics, but I, youz own corrispondent, top croozin’ journo and all- rownd wonder-hound, I duz get the comedy pages – poo!

You duzn’t wont to bye fis calindar – even tho lots of poor howndies wot duzn’t have foreva homes wud gets lots of treets if you did – is a bloomin’ cheek!

xxx Henry B Beanz

Huh, Max and Archie - we'z so cute blah blah bah.....

Huh, Max and Archie – we’z so cute blah blah bah…..




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