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Boat Blog: The Odyssey 2015 – Day 38

Posted by indigodream on 30 December, 2015

Rewind to Friday 11th September

Anderton Boat Lift to Anderton Marina

We weren’t sure what the day would bring, but as it happened, it brought good news.

I went to see Ollie in hospital in the morning and following a long discussion with the vet, we decided that Ollie would be well enough to travel home in the afternoon.

Ah, the end of the summer tour - time to crash out at last :-)

Ah, the end of the summer tour – time to crash out at last 🙂

I went back to the boat and we started making arrangements for the trip home. We rang Anderton Marina to arrange a 3 week visitor mooring and Richard spent a few hours touching up the paintwork while I packed up. At 4pm I went to pick Ollie up from the vet – what a lovely moment – even the bill wasn’t too awful! I got him back to the boat and hastened to get us moving towards the marina – I was very anxious to get packed up and heading for home before it became too late.

We soon moored up in Anderton, though the process of leaving took far longer than expected; actually, that’s not true, it always takes us ages to tear ourselves away from the boat, so it was hardly unexpected that it took a long time! Anderton Marina hosts a hire fleet, so they offer a whole range of marina services, including a valet service. We booked a valet, which at least meant we could walk away from the boat leaving all the fluff on the floor!

We finally got away very late afternoon and were home by late evening – when I thought back over our holiday, it had been full of adventure with a great cast of new and familiar characters, though I could have lived without the drama of the last few days. The hounds had had a wonderful time, but they were so very tired; as all bands will testify, being on the road is exhausting!


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