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The Odyssey 2019: Day 7a

Posted by alexgrehyauthor on 31 July, 2019


Saturday 8th June

We had planned to cruise from Newark to Torksey on Saturday, but the weather forecast was atrocious, with a storm due to hit England in the afternoon, bringing with it torrential rain and 50mph winds. So we changed our plan and stayed an extra night in the marina. The Trent had been very benign, but it takes water from a huge catchment area and being exposed to a strong tidal stream during a storm would had been unpleasant at the very least.

We packed the dogs into the car on Saturday morning and had a slow drive up to the marina. We were very relieved to arrive before the main storm hit the region.

Our mission for the afternoon was to get Indigo Dream set up for a fortnight’s holiday on board, starting from next weekend, when we would be hound-free and able to travel to the boat by train. We’d loaded the car with clothes and other odds and end, like our Tidal Trent cruising guides! We made the best of the marina’s services and Richard managed to move Indigo Dream over to the service pontoon for diesel and a pump-out, then back again, between the lively gusts of wind. In the meantime, I unpacked our bags and did an inventory of our food and drink supplies. There is a Waitrose very close to the marina (just by the train station in fact) so we took the car round and filled the boat with provisions.

In the end, it took us so long to get the boat set up for an extended cruise, I’m amazed that we ever thought we’d have time to cruise today – the weather had done us a favour.

The advantage of social media over the Blog is that it is very current. We knew that Cherryl and Ian on Dutch Barge Seren Rose, were moored in Newark, so we arranged to spend an evening with them on the dog-friendly Castle Barge, a floating pub/cocktail bar which also serves plain and simple food. Although it’s walking distance, the threat of torrential rain prompted us to  pile into the car and drive round – phew, it’s hard to park in Newark!

We had the most delightful evening – Cherryl and Ian used to cruise on nb Winedown and we memorably met them for the first time in Salthouse Dock in Liverpool. After a boozy afternoon on nb Wine Down with the boys from nb Chance, they decided to join our crew to cross the Mersey the following day – it was epic! That was in 2015 and a lot of water has flowed under out baseplates since then – we had some catching up to do!

We had a very merry evening, and as always, it wasn’t nearly long enough, but we were excited that Seren Rose would be following in our footsteps to Boston and then across the Wash to the Fens. This means that our paths are highly likely to cross again over the Summer.


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