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Virtual BCN Challenge 2020: The Results!

Posted by alexgrehyauthor on 20 May, 2020

Sunday May 10th 2020

Thanks to the wonder of spreadsheets and the hard work of the judges who read and scored 13 cruising logs every day, we had the overall scores by Sunday afternoon…

Drumroll please…

1.      501.75 – Team Indigo Dream 🥇

2.      491.87 – Team Firefly 🥈

3.      468.75 – Team Rebellion 🥉

4.      450.25 – The Workers

5.      433.75 – Urban Moorings

6.      393.00 – Whisky Galore

7.      391.30 – Team NB Styxl

8.      359.45 – Team Pugnipeek

9.      338.50 – Steaming Behind

10.   245.50 – Sugar & Spice

11.   242.75 – Anado Solo

12.   40.5 – Team Willum

13.   21.75 – Team Biscuits

14.   -3.37 – Barnier’s Stern Gland

Yes! Team Indigo Dream won the Virtual BCN Challenge 2020 with flying colours – I cannot praise the team enough for their hard work and inventiveness throughout the last six days.

I also want to thank all the teams that took part – it was such good fun to take part, but I think that many observers have enjoyed the mayhem too.

The biggest round of applause has to go to Team Barnier’s Stern Gland – anyone can score zero, but to score minus points takes real skill!

Being a virtual challenge, there is no award ceremony, so I just adjusted our trophy from 2018 and awarded to ourselves.


Not forgetting Archie Beanz, who represented all the canine crews when we won this trophy for the first time:

Archie collecting a well-earned trophy for the 2018 BCN Challenge

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