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These are the voyages of the Indigo Dream from launch to when we first discovered the joy of blogging!

Warning: these are transcribed from our paper logs and are nowhere near as interesting or detailed as our blogs. Read at your peril – they are BORING!

2 Responses to “Archive”

  1. Barry said

    Read your blog with interest, you may remember me, we came up from Windsor together & Richard did stirling service on his bike up the Hanwell flight. He also rode back downhill to rescue a fender of mine that had fallen off in the previous lock.My boat is called ‘Caie Two’& we did the Excel Cruise with Andrew & co last year 2008.
    My paltry efforts are @ click on ‘Barry’s Jottings’ for various stories & photos

  2. indigodream said

    Hi Barry, good to hear from you. Very brave of you to look in the archives – at the moment they are a very bland transcript of our boat’s log with no photos or details added. I thought Sue put a health & sanity warning on them?

    You mentioned Barry’s jottings as we went up the Hanwell Flight so I tracked them down then and enjoyed having a read. Can’t remember reading about your excel cruise so sounds like I have better go over and see what is new! The plan for Monday is to leave Excel at 5 am !!!! Cringe.


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