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BCN Moorings Guide

We first ventured into Birmingham back in 2005. Our research had us worried – was there anywhere in Birmingham that was safe to moor? From a post on the urw newsgroup Richard saw that an old guide existed compiled by Kevin Maslin. He kindly sent us a copy with a note:

“I’ve enclosed the relevant files as promised. The layout is not exactly as originally intended because I no longer have the font I used on my system, but be assured that all the info is present.

It was originally intended as a three-fold leaflet and should thus be printed back-to-back if you’d like to see it in its original form. The amendments list is simply three copies back-to-back.

When first produced, I announced the leaflet’s availability very widely and thus found myself posting out several hundred copies (I requested SAEs of course!).

Some of the info is out of date, and unfortunately I haven’t got time to do an updated version, so I’m afraid you may come across a few idiosyncracies on your travels when comparing my notes with the actual.”

We think the guide is excellent for BCN virgins like us, it needs to be read in conjunction with BW’s boaters guides, your Pearsons / Nicholsons and a helping of commonsense. Kevin Maslin has kindly allowed us to put up a copies of the files so here they are:

bcn-moorings-leaflet and bcn-leaflet-amendments

Note: In Summer 2011 the BCN Society issued an updated leaflet – we will add a link when we get a chance to scan it….

4 Responses to “BCN Moorings Guide”

  1. Andy Tidy said

    This is an interesting document. I am familiar with the contemporary BCN system and I am not sure I would use all the sites mentioned unless desperate!

    The few really safe sites I would use are:
    North: Cannock Extension / Angelsey Basin / Longmore Boat Club
    Centre: Gast St (not Saturdays)and Engine Arm, Titford Pumphouse, Black Country Museum (inside the secure area)
    West: Hawne Basin and Secure section of Stourbridge Town Arm

    I would expect to sleep peacefully in these locations. There are other spotes where I might chance it but I would always be waiting for a hail of stones!

  2. There is always the Waterway Routes DVDs covering the whole of the BCN if you can’t make it personally, or want to plan things beforehand, or just see the bits you missed.

    It’s available from the BCNS or direct from our website at

    If the Indigo Dreamers email me with a postal address I’ll happily send a complimentary copy in reutrn for a mention on this site.

  3. indigodream said

    Hi Paul – happy to give you a mention for free though thanks for the offer of a CD.

    Good luck with promoting the BCN – we think it’s a great waterway.

  4. I’ve been on the BCN a few times, you just need to have a bit of common sense when it comes to mooring, and when dealing local kids. Stopped at Wallsall town Centre moorings last year (after it took us 3 hours to get to after turning off tame Valley, very overgrown and we had to de-weed several times). A secure pontoon (though there is the towpath you could moor on. The end of the Town Arm was a building site, maybe once the development has finished it will be a better prospect.

    My time lapse camera bust last time so going on the BCN again next week.

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