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Technical: Isuzu 42 Servicing Info

Posted by indigodream on 8 January, 2013

This is my reference page for the parts I regularly need for servicing the engine and also somewhere for me to store copies of the engine manuals etc. For filters etc I like going to Allpartszone in Croydon, very helpful, excellent service, competitive pricing and very good at looking up obscure references Update: They are now closing, arghhh need to update this page. Their advice is to use Mahle filters as they think they are better quality so my shopping list for the next service with Allparts references and cost in January 2013 is:

Air Filter:  Isuzu Part No. 100066-4LS OEM References:  FRA CA5315 or Cooper AG 294 – Allparts Reference: CA5315  – £5.01 – 1 No. Update: 10th July 2013: This is proving a bit of a pain as Fram / Coopers have stopped making them. An equivalent seems to be a Reisse 46100020.

Supplementary Fuel Filter:  FRA C1191PL  – Allparts Ref KX23 – cost £3.54 – 2 No.

Main Fuel Filter:  The manual say Isuzu Part No. 897172-5491. Last time my engine was serviced it was by the excellent Neil Coventry he put in an Isuzu 5876100220 so I suspect that the part number has changed. Finding an OEM equivalent is interesting.

Main Fuel Filter OEM References:either Baldwin BF954 or Donaldson P553240 or Fleetguard FF5030, Filtron PP944 or Mahle KC5. Note these are all a fraction longer then the Isuzu part so slightly more awkward to remove with my style of filter wrench.  Allparts Reference: KC5 – Cost £4.24 – 1 No.

This site cross references the Isuzu 8971725491 with an Isuzu 8941329471 and that in turns leads to a Fleetguard FF5394 which is shorter, same length as the Isuzu so I have ordered one, look out for us anchoring somewhere. Update: The FF5394 looks like exactly like the Isuzu filter.

Oil Filter Isuzu Part No. 894456-7412 OEM References: FRA PH6811 – Allparts Reference OC205 (or OP617 if not available, OC205 is the Mahle reference) – Cost £3.10 – 1 No.

Comma 20W50 CC Engine Oil: £12.48 for 5 litres – 1 No.

Costs last time I looked in a Chandlers but note for Isuzu parts not OEM: Air Filter £9.66, C1191 Filter £3.50, Main Fuel Filter: £16.32, Oil Filter £9.30, Engine Oil £26.50. January Allparts costs recorded as I think the first two filters have gone up in price but still amazingly competitive when compared to Isuzu parts from a chandlery. Mind you not all chandleries are the same – did not note down prices but I think Kings Lock in Middlewich had pretty competitive prices for Isuzu branded spare parts (and they are nice people).

My last shop from inline filters in April 2016 had these prices:

2 ea. FFR-CA5315 FILTER-Air(Round) £8.66 (£4.33 each)
1 ea. FDE-HDF296 FILTER-Fuel(Can Type) £3.53
1 ea. FBW-B1425 FILTER-Lube(Spin On) £7.12
1 ea. FFG-FF5394 FILTER-Brand Specific(Fleetguard) £5.00


My “Library” as it is so far:

The correct parts – click parts-list

HMI engine manual – click hmi-isuzu-manual

PRM gearbox manual – click prm-manual

Isuzu Canal boat leaflet – click Isuzu_Canal_Boat_leaflet

Isuzu Pricelist – click Isuzu_pricelist_202009

Isuzu dealer list – click Isuzu-dealer-list-20010608

CAV Filter manual – click CAV Filter Manual

Other bits from the boat:

Haztec Manual (new type sensor): Click Haztec Instructions

I should start a list of useful web sites if only so I don’t have to resort to google when I can’t quite remember them. I will add more later but whilst I think about it here are two:
Useful site for odd Isuzu Parts:

9 Responses to “Technical: Isuzu 42 Servicing Info”

  1. Capt Ahab said

    Yes but what about Beta parts. The Fram parts from Midland Chandlers are equally pricey and there must be cheaper generic alternatives.

  2. indigodream said

    No idea! Send me your parts list and next time I am in there I will leave it with them and get them to look up alternatives and a price, I think they do mail order? Otherwise I think Joe on Yarwood has been into a car parts place somewhere on his travels and may be worth talking to as I think he got an amazingly good deal for Beta filters.

  3. Alf said

    I use Baldwin ( there is a good comparison search, simply type in what you have & their alternative is then shown.

  4. Rob Wheatley said

    Filtermania Stafford takes some beating, does national postal service too

  5. Andy said

    Hi there what is the largest size prop I can put on my boat I’ve got a Isuzu 42 with a prm 150 gearbox many thanks Andy

  6. indigodream said

    Hi Andy

    We have an 18×12 driven by the same gearbox and engine as yours and really happy with the combination. We can’t get any more than 2000 rpm so I think that is as big a prop as we could have. If you are thinking that you want a larger prop then check the clearance to your counter first.

  7. James Maccuaig said

    Hi iv`e got a leaking injector pump on a 4lc1 any one know the generic part no of this pump.

  8. liz said

    Oh font of all knowledge….it appears I need a new stop solenoid…have you any idea what the part number is?…I can get someone to come and change it for me…but obviously I need to order one first. HELP…many thanks..your site is brilliant for a boater with no manual or knowledge! Liz

  9. indigodream said

    Hmm worrying that you need a new stop solenoid, seems that you are not the only one! I asked the real font of knowledge, Neil Coventry, who texted me that the last one he got was from EnginesPlus and cost a fortune, much cheaper to fit a stop cable! Some else has written about being quoted £400.

    The only thing I have seen worth trying (other than a main dealer) is a company called JGsupplies Tel: 07976 960921 but I was a bit thrown as the website is something else – worth a phone call as the quote a cost of £60 BUT not an original part. Also try Quayworks as the link above. Please leave a comment if you get anywhere.

    This is how I got there:

    There is a thread about stop solenoids on CWF here: which is useful but also confusing. Someone reports the part number as MV1-77 897209-1140. This tallies with the number in the HMI manual so seems right. When I googled for Isuzu 4LC1 solenoid I got a different number. That said there is also a useful link to this ebay page: which gives the same number as my googling but it is an MV1-81, is it the same, no idea but as there is a phone number in the UK I think it is worth a call.

    Sorry I can’t be of any more help.

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