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Dog Blog – An Alex Update

Posted by indigodream on 28 November, 2016

This evening Alex went to his second dog training class. He coped ok in the class but he has a long journey ahead of him!

Archie and Henry came along for moral support which was totally hilarious, particularly when the Trainer borrowed Henry who walked perfectly towards another dog bar one minor detail, the Trainer had not noticed that the other dog’s owner had a belt with an open food pouch just at Henry head height.

Later all were practising the “watch me” command which involves all owners standing in front of their dog with a treat at chest height, saying watch me and rewarding the dog. None of the dogs managed as good a watch me as the tandem effort from Henry and Archie, shame that they were just spectators!

The perfect watch me!

The perfect watch me!

Yesterday we managed to get some photos of Alex stretching his legs, he runs with exuberance and joy but does hold his paw up a bit afterwards. Sorry but the light was a bit poor for action photos.


And they are off

And they are off


Archie working the camera!

Archie working the camera!







Hmm, paw being held up

One Response to “Dog Blog – An Alex Update”

  1. Wow, such wonderful photos! Lovely to see them having such fun

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