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Boat Blog: Exciting news…

Posted by indigodream on 4 March, 2012

Wednesday 29th February

2012 has been off to a particularly gloomy start – losing Lynx being but the tip of an iceberg made up of niggly but persistent bad news….

Imagine our delight and surprise, then, when we got an urgent phone call last Friday asking us whether we would like to take part in the Queen’s Jubilee Pageant if we got an invitation! Now, I’ll admit that we’ve been a bit ‘teenaged’ in our response to not getting in when we first applied, but I could no more resist the invitation than I could a year’s free supply of chocolate!!

We got our official invitation on Monday and accepted immediately – INDIGO DREAM IS PART OF THE QUEENS DIAMOND JUBILEE PAGEANT – WHOO HOO…..

Ok, that’s enough of that…….

This will obviously have a huge impact on our cruising plans. We now know that we will be staying in London until September at least. We have signed up to most of the rehearsals taking place in May, and have agreed to help less experienced boats to cruise down the tideway to get into position for the first rehearsal. We may still take a cruise further up the Thames in March/April – it will be good to get some fresh air before London is locked down for the Olympics. We have booked passage through the park during the Olympics as we have tickets for a white water kayaking event on the River Lee.

We have not yet worked out certain practicalities and permissions, but we are hoping to display a Retired Greyhound Trust (RGT) banner and I intend to be dressed as a greyhound (the suit’s booked!). We plan to have a small experienced crew on board, along with some greyhound related guests  – provided that everyone passes the security checks when the Security team come along with their latex gloves and sniffer dogs (Lou can’t wait).

The crew will need to be Indigo Dream tideway veterans – by invitation only for the main event….

…BUT if anyone fancies a jolly on the tideway during the rehearsals then let us know…..

11 Responses to “Boat Blog: Exciting news…”

  1. Graham and Jill said

    Well done Guys, you deserve it.

  2. Marina, Simon and the hounds said

    That’s wonderful news! Things seem to be looking up at last X

  3. Halfie said

    Excellent news! Have a fantastic time.

  4. Amy said

    Brilliant news! You definitely deserve some good news after everything that’s happened!
    We would *love* to join you for one of the Tideway rehearsal cruises if you have space! Boating on the Tideway is something we’ve only done by rowing eight and it would be simply wonderful to do it in a narrowboat!

  5. Bob said


    s/v Eolian

  6. indigodream said

    Amy, it would be great if you could join us – I’ll email you the dates tomorrow!

  7. Sue said

    Oh well done you two, thoroughly deserved. For sure you are one of the narrowboat crews that should not have been left out in the first place. This is great news!

  8. neil said

    Wow. Great news! And so you should have a place! I think they need you – even if it’s only for chopping down the undergrowth 🙂

    A jolly on the tideway for rehearsals would be great if you have room for us.

    Kath (nb Herbie)

  9. Fiona said

    Congrats, will took out for you on TV. We are getting as far away as possible!

  10. Lesley said

    Give HER MAJ a wave.
    Get the banner for the side of ID ordered,

    “Would you like to rehome a Greyhound your Majesty?”


  11. indigodream said

    Maybe her Majesty would like to adopt Poppy and Ollie – they’re a perfect age/temperament for a pensioner!

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