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Boat Blog: The Odyssey 2015 – Day 36

Posted by indigodream on 29 December, 2015

Oops spot the deliberate mistake! I accidentally published day 37 before day 36 – here’s the missing day for completness!

Rewind to Wednesday 9th September

Bobbling around Northwich and Anderton

New development - nice to see the area being regenerated but that builidng is very close to the water...

New development – nice to see the area being regenerated but that builidng is very close to the water…

Between the anxiety about Ollie and Alan the vet giving us an update call at 1am, I didn’t get much sleep and woke up tired and out-of-sorts. The good news was that Ollie’s blood test results did not show anything sinister and it was all a question of giving him supportive therapy and seeing whether he’d pull through. The vet did take him off some of his regular medication. A couple of his pain-relief medications can cause gastrointestinal side-effects, though I didn’t think that was the problem, but better safe than sorry. At least in hospital they could give him intravenous painkillers.

With Ollie likely to be in hospital for a few days, we changed out cruising plans yet again! We’d already decided that a trip up to Salford Quays via Pomona Lock was not feasible; but now our plans to just head down the Trent and Mersey towards a winter mooring were scuppered too.

But there was only one plan for today – retrieve my car from Wigan. The Beanz had a last run round the moorings before we headed up to Northwich mid-morning. We moored up by the town bridge, after weaving our way past the substantial narrowing caused by the floating platforms being used by a canalside construction company. I was keen to get going, and left Richard to finish mooring while I headed off for the train station. I was surprised at how far the station was from the town centre – it’s quite a trek. The trip to Wigan was smooth and I was soon driving back to Northwich.

There are worse places to stay - the Weaver is lovely...

There are worse places to stay – the Weaver is lovely…

In the meantime, Richard had set off on a trek of his own to find the waste oil disposal facility in Northwich – quite a saga! There is a handy website for finding the nearest oil bank but for Northwich ( the arrow is nowhere near the right place – you need to go to the municipal tip which is behind Aldi. So a short walk carrying 25l of oil became quite a long walk . . . .

We hadn’t really planned this bit of the trip, so we decided to stock up with groceries in Waitrose. We got the shopping done and I gave Richard a lift back to the town bridge before heading off to Anderton in the car. I was so relieved to have the car and found a parking space outside the main visitor centre car park (which is locked at night) – I didn’t want to be caught without emergency transport again.

Our timing worked well, the cruise downstream from Northwich to Anderton doesn’t take very long and we were soon moored up at the Beanz’ favourite spot.

We had an update on Ollie – there had been a slight improvement as he was no longer being sick, but he was still passing black poo. That would have to settle before he could leave hospital, so we were staying put.

I was anxious to get off the river and up to the canal, but we weren’t able to get passage up the lift in the afternoon so we just mooched around on the mooring. The Beanz continued to enjoy their zoomies, so some good came of the whole situation.


View upstream from our new favourite moorings...

View upstream from our new favourite moorings…


The view downstream towards the salt works...

The view downstream towards the salt works…


Lovely spot...

Lovely spot…




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