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Dog Blog: Ty’s Doings…

Posted by indigodream on 16 April, 2012

Sunday 15th April

Ty in lavender - of course, that was last Summer when he wasn't half as brave....

My Mummy Sue sez I is a big scaredy wuss jellyboy, but I woz brave yesterdie and done protectin’ her from a hevil monster camper van…

I woz runnin’ up me field, like wot I duz ev’ry day, to chase off the hevil squizzles, wabbits and foxes, wen I hads to skid to a stop – look, a big white camper van, in MY field. It woz all quiet an’ menacing – I fort about runnin’ back indoors but then Mummy Sue came out so I fort I’d better look after her…

I’s bin learnin’ some sooper-hound moves off  kung-fu movies on the telly – so I’s tried sooper-move number 1 – the charge. I dun runnin’ away from the van then I dun runnin’ at it reelly fast then stoppin’ like six feet aways. This is very cunning coz you gotta give your enemy space to run away – only the hevil van just stayed there so…..

If sumfink duzn’t work then it’s a good idea to do it again, so I’s dun runnin’ away and chargin’ back again, but the van STILL didn’t move

So I tried it again….

And anuvver again after that…..

Hmmm – it was a hextra hevil van so I’s tried sooper-move number 2 – the look….

I’s sat in the field and gave the van me best ‘look’ – I looked at the van and the van looked at me…..

I’s runned away to fink about it…

Me favrit bed in all the world, apart from Mummy Sue's bed....

Then I tried the fiercestest sooper-move Number 3 – chargin’ and barkin’ all at the same time. I dun run, run, run, WOOF!

The van just looked at me, so I dun runnin’ away, but the van didn’t chase me, so I knewed it woz proper scared…

I’s ran back to Mummy Sue and sed “I’s dun defendin’ you, the van is well scared, so I fink I deserves a wonky chomp” so we went back to the house and she gave me a bit treet.

This mornin’ I sed to MummySue, “Let me out I’s gotta protect you” and I dun runnin’ up the field and guess wot, the camper van woz gone – I’s wonned the battle against the hevil camper van. I’s runned round were the van was wif me tail up and I dun wees, and barking – “I’s the boss” I woofed “I’s got you beaten, and don’t you never come back hevil camper van”

…..’cept I sed that all quiet just in case it heard me….

So now, fanks to me, we is all safe in our beds and I’s dreamin’ about scaring camper vans outta me garden – I’s going “grrrrrrr” – I is very brave wen I is asleep….

4 Responses to “Dog Blog: Ty’s Doings…”

  1. Joelle said

    Oooh deer I’s beter tells me humummy and hugedaddy to bees careful wens we goes out in ours motorhoom. Me humummy and hugedaddy mite bees scareded by a huge scary houndie. Maybees yous don’t want to chase it aways wen you sees me prity face in the winda. I noz I’s prity cos I jus one a rosette cos the juj fort I was, I got a nice red rosette wot humummy says it meenz I come first in me age groop. I’s alwayz dreemed of meeting a big brave boy like yoo, one day maybe, till then I can jus dreem.


  2. indigodream said

    Deer Willow

    You can cum round any time you like and we’s can charge round an’ protect the hu-mums – you’s got to cum here coz I is only brave at home – all uvver places is just too scary…

    xxx Ty (aka Big Scaredy Wuss Jellyboy)

  3. Hi Tyboy

    Well done that lad; I have to spend a lot of time looking out of the windows to scare away all the sinister characters lurking outside, like the rag and bone man with his bugle.

    I’ll give you a big lick when we meet!



  4. Joelle said

    Hi Ty
    I wood cum butt I dusnt noz wear yoos livz. Fingz iz gonna get confoozin round ear coz as I’z gonna aff anuver playmate soons and is name is Typhoon, humummy and hugedaddy sed theyz gonna call him Ty coz Typhoon is a bit ov a mouffull
    I’z shur youz not reely a scaredy cat. but I found if yous cant scare nasty fingz away then yous affs to jus sit an look prity (or ansum in yooz case) and nuffins gonna hert youz, coz peeple likes luffy houndies like wot we iz an they wont hert yore humans coz the likes to ask lots of nozy questionz bout uz.

    Anyways I dusnt care, yooz my hero cos them motorhooms do be big and scary on the outside but good if yooz inside and on holidayz.

    yooz takes care
    lots of luffs

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