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Dog Blog: Lynx’s Diary

Posted by indigodream on 27 October, 2011

Thursday October 27th

I is qwite hexcited coz we is not doin’ so much croozin’ so mummy Sue has got time to do me typin’ for me – ’bout time too!

Me an' Lou getting cozzee on our summer hols - mummy Sue has bin a bit slow puttin' me photos on the blog...

Wen peoples adopt greyhounds and gives them their foreva sofa, they is often writin’ to uvver hu-mums to ask wot they shoulds be feeding us. Well, the hu-mum so-called hexperts say stuff like “dry kibble complete food is perfectly fine, put your leftovers in the bin not in the dog, blah blah blah” ….

But why duzn’t new hu-mums ask US – like we coulds give them lots of advice re. stuff like hot chikkins, sardeens, weetabix (wif milk o’course), boiled offal and uvver stuff….

But no, they keeps trying to feed us ‘dog food’ like we woz dogs or sumfink…

Daddy Richard has been on the hinternet and got us lots of ‘dog food’ from Sweden – were the wolves live – mummy Sue woz hexcited coz it looked lushus (to her) but I wozn’t so sure….

“Uh mummy Sue” I sez “wot’s this in my bowl?”

“That’s chicken livers with rosemary, you loved them the last time we did an order” she sez

“Not me” I sez “wot else you got?”

“How about braised reindeer” she sez

One hound, three beds - tha' looks about right to me...

I woz shoked …. “You wants us to eat Rudolf?” I sez

“No, it’s not Rudolf, he’s not real…..” she sez

“Not real?” I sez “wot about Asher an’ Dancer an’ Prancer an’ Vixen an’ Comet an’ Cupid an’ Donner an’ Blitzen?” I sez

“They’re not real either” she sez “now eat up your lovely reindeer – there’s 12 cartons in the cupboard”

“But mummy Sue” I sez “if we eats Santy Paws’ reindeer how can we get all our treets at Christmas – we needs new beds an’ collars an’ coats an’ jarmies an’ speshal chewies”

“There is no Santy….” she sez


“Mummy Sue, are you sayin’ that is no Santy Paws wot looks after houndies and give them their wishes?”

Coz all houndies know that if you get a bit of paper wif ritin’ on it an’ chew it into little bits and finks reelly hard about wot you wants, then magic wishes goes straight to Santy Paws. Any ritin will do – if you can’ts find any then wait for the postman to bring you sum – your hu-mum duzn’t mind….

I woz hupset so I goes and I rubs me hed on her leg for a big fuss – I puts me saddest face on and sez – “oh no, mummy Sue that can’t be….”

“I give in” she sez “what I meant to say is that there is no way that Santy Paws would let his reindeer be eaten; besides Santy Paws lives in Lapland and this food comes from Sweden”

“So we’s can eat it” I sez

“Yes” she sez

“Nah, don’t fink so, wot else you got”

“How about Elk?….”

We duz enjoy holeedaze...

Note from mummy Sue: a few months ago we did an order with Zooplus and got all sorts of interesting dog food, including cartons of Swedish food from a company called Bozita all with a great first time discount (google for discount vouchers). It looks wholesome and the hounds loved it so we ordered some more, including reindeer and elk as well as the chicken livers they enjoyed previously. They also enjoyed the various sesame chicken & rawhide chews (which even Ty has to chew for 10 minutes before swallowing, rather than his usual 10 seconds).

The food is being eaten but not with the gusto of the first batch we got in a few months ago, which just proves the point that hounds will love a food until you order 100 packets then they’ll go off it instantly!

Except that they will have to eat this – it smells so appetising and we do have 100 cartons….

Richard, if I ever offer you “meatloaf” or “stew” for tea don’t eat it…..

At least the sesame chewies are still going down well…..

Don't wurry lady houndies, I is still single, Lou is like me big sister....

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